Teenage Health


Teenage Health

WorriedI'm worried about my spots

Spots are known medically as ‘acne’. Acne is very common and caused by hormonal changes, NOT by diet or lack of hygiene. Spots can occur anywhere on the body but are most common on the face, back and chest. They can very upsetting for the person who has them.

The most effective treatments from the chemist contain benzoyl peroxide, this is in the best ‘available to buy’ acne creams and washes. If your acne does not improve with such treatments your doctor can help with a variety of tablets, creams and lotions available on prescription. Don’t suffer in silence !

WorriedI'm worried about my weight

If you are worried that you are underweight or overweight please feel free to book an appointment with the nurses or your doctor. We can tell you what your ideal weight is and provide advice on healthy diets & exercise.

WorriedI'm worried about my periods

Heavy, painful and irregular periods are common and can often be helped – talk to your GP.

WorriedI'm worried about my moods

Mood swings and feelings of frustration are very common in people of all ages. All that’s often needed is regular exercise and relaxation. Talking to family and friends often helps a lot.

When low moods persist or if you have thoughts of harming yourself please see your doctor for help. It may simply be that things will get better by talking to your doctor, or you may need to think about counselling or medicine, your doctor can talk these options through with you if they’re appropriate.

WorriedI have a cold / sore throat / upset stomach etc

Talk to the chemist – most minor illnesses get better without needing a doctor and a chemist will be happy to advise on treatments and when you should see a G.P. Alternatively you can call 111.

WorriedI'm worried about alcohol, smoking or drugs

If you are worried about alcohol, drugs or smoking your doctor or nurse can provide confidential advice. They can discuss with you the problems and health risks involved in all 3 and can help you come off cigarettes, drugs and alcohol. These are common problems so the doctors and nurses are experienced in helping with them and won’t be shocked by anything you have to tell them.