Self Help

Self Help

The Catheter Club (Otherwise Known as Everything Urinary)

Mission Statement

This is intended to be an informal communal group for the purpose of self-help and mutual support for anyone with bladder difficulties, continence issues, users of catheters (both in-dwell and intermittent) and their immediate family/friends/carers.

The intention is to share knowledge, experiences and information as well as useful contacts and organisations and help one another to stand on our own two feet.

Support will be achieved using a ‘buddy’ system where up to two members will be able to contact one other designated person and each of those will, in turn, have two others who may contact them. The sharing of contact information is to the personal preference of each buddy and if, upon being contacted, ‘not now’ or ‘no’ means just that. Everyone is to be respected and pestering will not be tolerated.

Confidentiality and personal privacy should be respected at all times.

No one person is to become dependent upon another member, and we all have to be aware of maintaining and supporting the well-being of all individuals.

It is hoped that various ‘professionals’ will be brought into the group who could, periodically, provide the opportunity to get together, share advances and problems and have a cuppa together.

We wish to encourage the development and spread of the Expert Patient Protocol but to also expand that to include prime carers/immediate family as agreed/requested by the patient.

A problem shared is a problem halved

Do you or someone you care for have bladder difficulties?

Would you like contact with someone in similar circumstances?

We are already talking to one another, finding common experiences and, sometimes, even useful suggestions in, what can often, be an embarrassing situation.

We are ordinary folk, with experience, who would like to help put you in touch with others in similar circumstances, so a network of ‘buddies’ can be developed and spread.


Julie & Lesley or 07753 822768

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