Online Services - FAQs

Q. I‘ve had issues verifying my email account.

A. We have been made aware that some email providers have security filters which block our nhs email service (which ties in with the email verification). If you can’t verify don’t worry, you can still request your medication and book appointments – you simply won’t be able to self-reset your password should you forget it. Should you do so please pop into reception at the practice with one form of ID and we can reset the password for you, or please provide us with a second email address which we will attempt to use.

Q. There is no drop-down for selecting pick up point for medication (like on the old system).

A. We can advise that the new online system does not offer such a menu. If you have a nominated pharmacy for ETP (electronic prescriptions) then the medication should be collected from that pharmacy. If you wish to change your preferred pharmacy (either for a short period or longer term) then please inform our reception team. If you wish to collect via reception (and you do not have a preferred pharmacy recorded) then simply collect from the main reception desk (the team will know from the system that you wish to pick up the medication from there).

Q. I’m sharing a PC with a partner or family member. They are also registered for the service but when I want to logon the computer just keeps bringing up their username on the logon page.

A. You will need to turn off form auto completion for our online services site from within your PC browser and clear your autocomplete settings.

See the following (browser versions current at 14/9/15)

For IE browser –

goto Tools > Internet Options > Content > Click Settings
ensure that Forms and User names and passwords on forms are ticked.
click Delete AutoComplete history

For FIREFOX browser -

click the Open Menu button (3 bars at top RH of screen) > History

click clear recent history (select Everything in the Time range to clear dropdown) and ensure that Browsing & Download History, Form & Search History, Cookies, Cach, Active Logins, Offline Web Site Data are ticked

click clear now
click Open Menu button > Options > Security
click the Saved Passwords button
select the line and click remove
click close & restart the browser

For OPERA browser -

click the Opera icon at top lh of screen > Settings > Privacy & security
click the Clear browsing data button – ensure Saved passwords & Clear saved autofill data are also ticked and select 'the begginning of time' from the 'Obliterate the following items from' dropdown
click the Clear browsing data button
click Manage saved passwords
Select password for and remove the entry

For CHROME browser -

click the Customise & control button (the three lined button to the top RH side of Chrome and to the right of the address bar)
click Settings > History
click the Clear browsing data button
on the 'Obliterate the following items for' box select 'The beginning of time'
tick all the items (Browsing history, Download history, Cookies & other site and plugin data, Cached images and files, Passwords, Autofill form data, Hosted app data, Content licenses)
click Clear browsing data

Q. I’ve tried to get onto the Bideford MC order scripts page but my browser reports a security concern.

A. Some internet protection programs treat this page as malicious (reporting certificate issues), however there is no cause for concern. If there is an option to continue to the site click this link and the page should load. This page purely provides a link to our clinical system provider’s logon page – rest assured that their site is secured on https.

Q. After clicking the Bideford MC - Appointments & Repeat Prescription Online Services button the SystmOnline logon page hangs.

A.This could be due to additional security settings on your browser or pop-up blocking software -

Allow an exception for (or temporarily disable popup blocking software so that you can access the site)

Linux users with Firefox – put Firefox into Safe Mode and restart the browser. This will disable any add-ons that cause conflict with the SystmOnline site


Q. The calendar on the Systmone logon page doesn’t seem to work properly.

A. There is a known issue with this calendar and the system provider are working on a fix for this.