I Need Medical Advice


You can always request a telephone consultation for specific advice about your medical problems. One of the doctors will be able to phone you back, though for non-urgent queries it may not be the same day.

See also the following self care resources:

Health information Video Library - a very comprehensive range of self care videos offering advice and guidance on common conditions.

Self Help For Patients section here on our website. There is advice for common health issues and useful online links.

Alternatively, NHS 111 offers telephone advice 24 hours a day on 111 from specially trained registered nurses.

Medical advice online

We recommend using the following websites:

Patient Info

NHS Choices

Both contain thorough, clear and accurate patient information articles and leaflets about every condition that you can think of. Also, not forgetting that Google is always your friend when it comes to finding things out. There is, however, a lot of information out there and it is easy to become overwhelmed. If you find that this is happening please come in and have a chat sooner rather than later. We can put things into perspective for you and hopefully reassure you a bit.