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Diabetes is a condition whereby the level of ‘sugar’ in the bloodstream can become too high.

As people with diabetes are known to be at higher risk of many other problems such as high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease and strokes Bideford Medical Centre offers a Diabetic Clinic twice a year for all patients confirmed to have the disease.

Patients with Diabetes can reduce their risk of heart disease, strokes and diabetic complications by following these measures –

1. Stick to a ‘diabetic’ diet. The nurse running the diabetic clinic can help guide you.

2. Tackle excess weight and obesity. Your doctor or nurse can tell you your ideal body weight.

3. Keep blood pressure less than or equal to 140/80

4. Stop smoking. Your doctor or the Bideford Medical Centre ‘Stop Smoking Groups’ can help you with this, using nicotine replacement therapy if appropriate.

5. Attend the diabetic clinic for twice annual checks.

6. Keep cholesterol levels below 4.5. Our treatment room has information sheets on a low cholesterol diet.

All diabetic patients should have their retinal screening performed annually, they should also attend the diabetic clinic twice a year for monitoring and management of the above mentioned risk factors.

Visit to access information on hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, weight loss, healthy eating, cholesterol and smoking.


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