Practice staff

Attached Staff

The Doctors work in close co-operation with a number of staff from Northern Devon Healthcare Trust and other health agencies to provide care for our patients. These are:

Community Matrons
Community Nurses
Community Midwives

The Comminity Midwives team provide antenatal and postnatal care and education for patients and their families regarding all aspects of pregnancy, breast-feeding and childcare.

Integrated Children Services / Health Visitors

The Integrated Children Services / Health Visitors are trained nurses who have undergone further training in child development, psychology, social policy and environmental health. Although they work primarily with pre-school children and their families they may be involved with all age groups in a variety of settings, in liaison with other professionals. They are:

Community Psychiatric Nurses for the Elderly

Ruth Harrison and Alan Mawby who are based at the Abbotsvale Unit, provide a range of services in order to assess, diagnose & treat adults over 65yrs with mental health problems.

Hospice Nurse
Parkinson Specialist Nurse