How to see your Dr or Nurse / HCA


The doctors in this Practice believe in personal list as it enables continuity of care.

Patients will be encouraged to see their own doctors whenever possible.

The Practice offers Advance Access appointment booking system. The practice standard is to offer patients a consultation with the appropriate health professional within 24 or 48 hours. The Midwives take bookings 2 months in advance because of the nature of the care they provide.

The doctors offer both face-to-face and telephone consultations to patients.

Receptionists should always offer Patients the next available appointment with their own GP. If it is not acceptable to the patient then they will be offered the next available appointment with another GP. If the patients’ own GP is away the patient will be offered an appointment with another GP.

Patients may book routine or follow-up appointments 4 weeks in advance if they wish. They are normally at the beginning of morning surgery and at the end of afternoon surgery.

Some conditions are self-limiting, such as viral infections which will resolve themselves over a few days. In such occasions it is possible to wait and see what happens to the symptoms before coming to see the doctor in the first instance.

If Receptionists are unable to offer an surgery appointment they will offer the patient a telephone call from their doctor, or an alternative GP of their own is away. Patients may ask to see the Practice Nurses, District Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors direct or other Primary Health Care Team members if they think it more appropriate to do so. If they need health information and advice we advise them to contact NHS 111, available 24 hours a day by calling 111. Local Pharmacists will also advise on minor illnesses and medication.

Telephone Consultation

The Doctors offer telephone consultations. Please let the Receptionist have your name, telephone number and message. The Doctor will call you as soon as practicable.