Self Care

Self Care is the best choice to treat minor illnesses and injuries. A large range of common illnesses and injuries can be treated at home simply with over-the-counter medicines and plenty of rest. This could include treatment for the following:

Be prepared for most common ailments by keeping a well-stocked medicine cabinet at home. Find out what should be included here

Other Self Care conditions and supplies include:

If treatment is needed, a wide range of medications can be purchased from community pharmacies and supermarkets. These medications are usually cheaper than a prescription and you can get them without seeing your doctor.

Pharmacists are an expert source of advice and will use their professional judgement to decide with you what the best course of action is for your condition. Always read the patient information leaflet that is included with the medicine.

Below is a list of useful links to common conditions & resources.

For a greater list of Self Care resources see the external Self Care resources section on this page. NHS Choices and the Self Care forum offer a wealth of information.

InformationSelf Care common conditions and useful links

Excellent external Self Care resources

NHS Choices

Visit NHS Choices for a comprehensive online search facility of conditions and treatments.

NHS Choices

Self Care Forum

Visit for useful information and resources regarding Self Care.

Self Care Forum

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