Medical Records

Sharing your medical information with other healthcare professionals and organisations for care or research

How we may share information about you

Data Sharing

How is my information shared?

To help give patients the best care possible, sometimes we will need to share information about you and your health. The detail of this could include your name, address, dates of any visits and/or treatments.

This information is shared to make sure we and other colleagues know enough about your needs to support you. We have specific rules, governed by law, which we must adhere to, intended to protect any information we may hold or share.

Data Sharing

Data Sharing

The reasons why we may share your information could be for the following reasons:

  • Research
  • Audits - including local clinical audit to provide quality assurance of the care received by our service users
  • Local and national benchmarking
  • Service management
  • Commissioning and commissioners reports (e.g. to CCGs)
  • Contract monitoring
  • Capacity and demand planning
  • Teaching and training
  • Sharing best practice/serious case reviews/incident management of adverse events
  • Staff and patient surveys
  • Personal development/review (particularly for clinicians)
  • Subject access requests
  • Risk stratification
  • Processing information – changing information so it can be used for secondary purposes

Your right to opt out

It is widely accepted that in the normal course of direct care your medical record will be shared with the necessary staff and organisations in order to be able to provide you with the best care possible (an example of this could the be sharing of referral information directly to a hospital when the treatment that you require will be performed there). You do, however, have a right to opt out of sharing your medical record if you wish. Please note that if you opt out of sharing your medical record in the circumstances of direct care then your care and treatment could be affected. We also, in certain rare circumstances, have to share information in response to a legal requirement / obligation which overrides the normal duty of protecting your information.

There is another instance of data sharing which is used for purposes other than your direct care (most commonly for research and strategic planning with approved organisations). Whenever there is such a purpose and your data is not anonymised (disguised from recognition to the other organisation) we or the participating organisation will always first contact you to ask for your permission to share your data. You do, however have the right to opt if you wish and we must respect your wishes.